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Lucent Advanced Maths PDF

Hello friends, I am going to give you download link of Lucent Advanced Maths PDF e-book. This book is very important if you want to improve your advanced Maths for any of the SSC exams like CGL, CHSL, CPO or MTS. You very well know that the weightage of advanced Maths ( i.e Higher Mathematics ) has become more. This book is available both in Hindi and English medium. But there is not much difficulty if you are a Hindi medium student and study Maths from English book. This book is written by Mr. Rishikesh Kumar. There are 450 pages and 13 chapters of advanced Maths in it.

Here are the list of chapters in Lucent Advanced Maths PDF:-

  1. Algebraic Identities
  2. Indices and Surds
  3. Graphical Solution of Linear Equation
  4. Lines and Angles
  5. Congruent and Similar Triangles
  6. Centre of Triangle
  7. Quadrilateral
  8. Circle and its Tangent Lines
  9. Measurement of Angles: Radian and Degree
  10. Trigonometric Ratio of Specific Angles
  11. Elementary Trigonometric Identities
  12. Height and Distance
  13. Advanced Trigonometric Identities

How to study from Lucent Advanced Maths PDF:-

You can divide complete book into three sections:-

  1. Algebra – Chapter 1 to Chapter 3
  2. Geometry – Chapter 4 to Chapter 8
  3. Trigonometry – Chapter 9 to Chapter 13

And you can do Mensuration from any of the good book that you have at home. These four sections will be of approximately 50% of Maths marks in SSC CGL exams.

Step by Step Guide:-

  1. Solve example of any one chapter first.
  2. Then solve exercises.
  3. After completing Step 1 and Step 2 solve that chapter from Kiran Previous Year Maths Chapterwise Book.
  4. Write down important formula in your Formula-Notebook. This will help you to revise in a short time.
  5. Complete all three sections of this book in the same way. ( that is repeat step 1 to step 5).
  6. For 10 minutes revise your handwritten formula daily. Because we generally forget the formula. This is topper’s strategy.

You can follow this method for 10 days. If this method does not help you, then you can try any other strategy.

Lucent SSC Higher Mathematics PDF Free Download

Now you can download Lucent Advanced Maths PDF :- DOWNLOAD

But I think it will be better to buy this book if you want it study from this book. For reference purpose you can download this FREE PDF. Because it will be difficult to highlight and underline the books in pdf format.

This book is published by Lucent Publication, Patna ( Bihar )

You can also download some important FREE PDF of English Vocabulary books- DOWNLOAD

If you want any other FREE PDF you can ask for that in comment section. I hope Lucent Advanced Maths PDF e-book will help you in your preparation.

Best wishes for your great future.

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