Refund Cancellations Policy

Refund Cancellations Policy

Payments once made by the user will not be refunded under any circumstances. Due to the nature of Digital Product, there is a STRICT NO REFUND POLICY. Digital product has no return policy for 3 to 5 days like physical product. I am very confident that you’re going to love my products and services. That’s because I have put a lot of love into everything I create for you. But still, you got any questions about my no refund policy, please reach out to pdfkingofficial@@gmail-com.

Failed Payment

● If the money has been deducted from your account but your transaction is not successful, Please check your Email account, you received an email. If you have not received any email, then please wait for some time, your transaction may not have been done properly and your money will be returned to your account. If this does not happen please contact us (send us an email with details) – [email protected]


● If an ebook becomes corrupted or requires replacement during the normal course of use, you can re-download it from your Email account. 

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